11.02.17 Webinar

Getting Hospital and Physician Registration Systems to work together Webinar

60 Minute Webinar: November 2nd, 2017 at 12:30pm CT


Lots of health systems register patients in more than one registration system or EMR, which means demographic and insurance updates made in one have to be manually applied to the other, or get missed all-together. When mistakes happen, the wrong insurance company can get billed, invoices go to the wrong home address, and it can feel to the patient like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

The purpose of this webinar is to go over the challenges around keeping registration systems in sync, then demonstrate the way Occam eMPI automates the process.


  • How to avoid overwriting good data with bad?
  • What if the Hospital’s insurance dictionary looks nothing like the Physician practice’s?
  • Matching patients across systems when demographic information is missing or wrong
  • DEMO: Using Occam Gatekeeper to keep demographic and insurance information in sync



Lee Prosch



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