The simplest way to reliably identify patients and members across all the ways you know them.

Increase usable patient and member data.

Connect the dots for person records split across data sources even when key information is missing or wrong.

Shrink manual patient identity work.

Eliminate most of the manual work that usually comes with highly accurate patient matching with Occam Research Automation, built on 45 billion records in the LexisNexis database. Use a just-in-time approach to prioritize the tasks that remain.

Solve data conflicts with a Golden Record.

Multiple data sources mean conflicting values for important data such as phone, address, and even name. Generate a golden record with the most up to date person information regardless of where it comes from.

Make Your Data Whole

Reliably identifying people is the first step in making healthcare data whole.

"I’m grateful to have a tool like Occam. It has greatly reduced our risk as we bring data together from so many different databases. It is hard to find partners that will do what they say. Occam always delivers as promised."

Roger Lutz - CHCIO, HCISPP, MBA Chief Information Officer at Butler Health System

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