November 19

Mastering Patient and Member Data for Data Warehouses

Lee Prosch CEO
12:30 pm central
60 min
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Big Data initiatives bring patient and member data together across clinical, payer, and even CRM data sources.  The challenge is that without a common identifier (AKA enterprise ID) to tie records together across all those sources, results will be inaccurate – patients will be under counted.  Unlinked data can even make it look as though doctors aren’t doing their jobs.

Join this webinar to get answers to the most frequently answered questions from Data Leadership across healthcare:

  • How to keep track of patient identifiers assigned by transactional systems, the data warehouse, and the enterprise ID assigned by the eMPI?
  • How does data move in and out?
  • How much manual effort is involved?  
  • How well do home-grown matching solutions perform?


Lee Prosch CEO

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Join this webinar to see how Occam eMPI software helps healthcare professionals build a wholistic view of the patient across all of the ways they know them.

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