Bulletproof Person Matching

Locate every reasonable match even when demographic information is missing or wrong.

  • Recognize patterns in data that explain why a match may belong to the same person even though values do not match exactly

  • Recognize potential false-positive matches such as twins and jr/sr

  • Precisely Classify matches as ‘Yes, take it to the bank these records belong to the same person’ or ‘Maybe: further research is necessary”

  • Auto-match rate improves with each new data source and link

  • Automatically un-link records when an overlay or other significant corruption has occurred

  • Highly accurate matching out of the box, full control over each stage of match algorithm tuning

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Reference Matching

Shrink the number of matches that require manual research by 80% or more

When matches lack enough information for an automated decision, engage the 45B records in the LexisNexis database

Golden Record

Identify the most current information for a person across all of the data sources where they are known.

  • Flag stale data

  • Track changes to demographic information by source data over time

World-Class Work-Flow

Make better identity decisions faster with intuitive task management workflow.

Workflow screenshot
Focus your Data Integrity team’s effort by prioritizing active patients or members for just-in-time task resolution
Making tricky identity decisions is easier since matches that fit the pattern for false positives like Twins and Jr/Srs are flagged for you
Catch and reverse iffy manual task decisions that don’t comply with your policies, then facilitate coaching

APIs and Integration

Integrate person matching and mastering into your data flow in real-time or batch.

  • Get real-time data in and out with RESTful web services

  • For bulk updates, load records and retrieve results using flat files

  • Subscribe to events that let you know when an enterprise ID or Golden record has changed

APIs and Integration


Protect your data.

  • Avoid overwriting good information in transactional systems with stale data from outside

  • Control what information can be updated

  • Keep track of changes to data

Built to Scale

Fast searches no matter how large your database grows.

50,000 records
50,000,000 records

Adaptable Deployment

Get started quickly in our cloud, your cloud, or your own data center.

  • Data integration is the most complex part of an EMPI project. Occam simplifies it with out-of-the-box support for most integration patterns.

  • Your team has enough to do. We take care of setup, training, maintenance, and upgrades.

  • Occam is licensed by the number of unique individuals in your database, so you won’t pay multiple times for the same patient.